Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2

Mobile Payments

The Future of Mobile Payments

Build stunning mobile apps for iOS and Android using white-label templates or integrate our SDK into your existing mobile product

Blockchain’s mobile moment

Recent growth in the crypto industry is primarily from investor adoption - mainly retail and institutional. However, mainstream adoption of blockchain tech and Web3 payments will come from the long tail of businesses.

Retail is coming

Today most Web3 users are technical and use browser extensions to access and manage digital assets. But with  around 92% of the global population owning a smartphone. Self-custody of assets using a mobile device is a promising alternative to hardware wallets.

Introducing the Fuse Mobile stack

Designed for small to medium companies and communities facing a high entry barrier for reaching customers on mobile.

Vertically integrated

Take direct ownership and stop relying on external contractors or suppliers.

Fully customizable

Get up and running using white label templates or integrate our SDK to your mobile product.

Cross platform

Build once and run on iOS, Android, web, and any device to maximize reach.

Open source

Free yourself from vendor lock-in. Own your wallet stack or use hosted services.

Best user experience on mobile

Pushing the boundaries of frictionless private key management

How it works

Choose your business model

Experiment with new business models once unthinkable in the old financial infrastructure

Transaction Fees

Fees are denominated and paid in FUSE


Upto 14% APY with on-chain staking

Security & Consensus

Delegated proof-of-stake. 5% yearly inflation.

Getting started

GitHub repository

Check out our fully open-source wallet SDK on GitHub, fork it, and create your wallet and start accepting Web3 payments.

Check out the repo

Build with Fuse Wallet SDK

Don’t want to start from scratch? Fuse Wallet SDK has you covered. Get up and running in a few clicks

Start bulding

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