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Fuse is an enterprise-grade, use-case agnostic, reliable and secure decentralized EVM-compatible public blockchain.

The Fuse Blockchain

A vertically integrated non-custodial technology stack delivers an unmatched digital payment user experience.

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Community owned

Build a token ecosystem around your business, reward customers, and build loyalty.

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Fuse Network supports seamless mobile experiences for mainstream audiences on any mobile device.

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Fast and low-cost

Designed to handle large amounts of real-time, low denomination transactions quickly.

Privacy enabled

Only some things should be transparent. Keep sensitive financial information concealed.

Fee abstraction

On-board users worldwide with familiar and localized experiences while spending less per transaction.

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Built for business

All the support and tooling needed to provide easy-to-use, friendly customer experiences. 


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Payments redefined

Fuse enables ordinary merchants anywhere in the world to harness the power of blockchain and Web3 payments to be competitive in the global economy.

Achieve global scale at low cost

Payments settle on chain, so you avoid the expensive burden of navigating license regulations and address a global market.

Build with open-source code

Products built with open source code create the opportunity to experiment freely and iterate fast. With lower overhead per test, companies can follow industry standards, break the mold entirely, or anything in between.

Magical UX/UI

A clean UI in the back means you can build intuitive mobile experiences for customers and not expect them to learn new behaviors.

Tooling built for business

From complete app architecture to a purchase button, vertical integration provides a suite of fiat on-ramp, invoicing, accounting, procurement and banking services to manage everyday business activities.

Explore the ecosystem

From next generation up starts solving real-world problems to big name infrastructure and service providers, join our journey and build in the most promising blockchain ecosystem in existence.

Build on Fuse

Fuse was designed to be friendly for blockchain and non-blockchain developers alike. The stack is interoperable and compatible with the Ethereum EVM ecosystem while still enabling the needs of regular businesses wishing to utilize blockchain technology.


Fuse is the world’s first vertically integrated tech stack for mobile payments on-chain. Claim your stake in the most promising blockchain on the journey to mass adoption and get rewarded for contributing to network security.

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Fuse is fully compatible and composable with Ethereum-based contracts. We welcome dApps from other blockchains to integrate and expand their functionality and addressable market.

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More than stakeholders, validators have a vested interest in our success. They help secure the network, advise on the future of development, or help organize the community. For their service, validators earn FUSE rewards.

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Built for developers

The Fuse Network has been fully open source under an MIT license since day one, and we are committed to keeping the entire Fuse stack open source and free to use forever. So join the community of developers and start by reading the docs or go right ahead and dive into our GitHub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fuse Network?

The Fuse Network is an enterprise-grade, use-case agnostic, reliable, stable, and secure decentralized EVM-compatible public blockchain. Designed for high transaction volumes and micro transactions, Fuse supports DeFi and Gaming applications alongside general blockchain use cases. [learn more]

Who is the target audience for Fuse?

The Fuse blockchain is for any product or service looking for enterprise-grade, production-ready, professional, scalable blockchain infrastructure with cheap fees and fast transaction speeds. More specifically, financial service providers and merchants (Operators) that want to embrace Web3 payments. [learn more]

How is Fuse Network different from other blockchains?

Our firm belief is that companies will drive the mass adoption of crypto by extending services to their customers. To aid this goal, we developed a vertically integrated non-custodial technology stack that delivers an unmatched digital payment user experience.  [learn more]

What is the Fuse SDK?

The Fuse SDK lets companies plug Web3 services and crypto payments into their existing mobile products with business-ready smart contract wallets, eliminating the complexities of Web3. [learn more]

What types of companies are improved by blockchain?

From Fuse’s perspective, blockchain technology suits Software as a Service (SAAS) companies with stable revenue that want to extend Web3 payment services to their customers built using the Fuse tech stack, APIs, and SDK. [contact us]

What is the FUSE token?

The Fuse Network also has its native token called FUSE. It serves as a medium of exchange within the network and a reward for users who contribute by running validators or developing applications on the platform. [learn more]

How can I partner or integrate with Fuse network?

We are always looking for innovative solutions that enrich the Fuse ecosystem and provide builders with more tools to deliver stunning decentralized applications. Reach out to our business development team. [contact us]

I have an idea for a real-world platform. What do I do next?

We appreciate that turning the ideas presented here into tangible business results requires a leap. If you think you have an idea for a Web3 project or solution that could enhance the Fuse ecosystem, book a meeting and let’s talk! [contact us]

I still have questions!

Please join our community forum and open a new thread in the relevant category. Alongside supportive, 3rd party community members, our internal team regularly monitors forums and responds. [Join the community]