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Freedom: Real World Assets for Businesses

Bitazza's Freedom Wallet showcases the boundless potential of the Fuse Network

From our WEB3 wallet, NFTs to DAOs, Fuse is a key partner in innovating new ways to put blockchain in the hands of everyday people.

Kevin Heng

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder of Bitazza.

Freedom Wallet

Powering Commerce in Southeast Asia

Bitazza extends Freedom Wallet to other businesses embracing Web3 loyalty and reward schemes.




Satit Prasarnmit International Programme

SPIP became one of the first school in Thailand to adopt the use of WEB3 Wallet through the partnership with Freedom World, putting them at the forefront of digital innovation in education. The school has introduced blockchain-powered digital certificates and diplomas (NFTs), providing secured and tamper-proof credentials. Additionally, SPIP has implemented a blockchain-based reward system using SPIP Points, offering students practical and hands-on experience with blockchain technology.

Mystic Valley Festival

Mystic Valley Festival in Thailand exemplified the utility of the Freedom Wallet by implementing a token-based system for transactions. Festival-goers enjoyed swift and economical transactions, utilizing their token balance to purchase food, drinks, and tickets.

Raja Ferry Port

one of the top ferry service providers in Thailand use Freedom to strengthen customer engagement and streamline services by offering RAJA Points. Freedom’s marketing tools helped Raja Ferry create engagement with customers, while gamification features like voting and NFTs have incentivized customers to participate in special promotions and earn exclusive privileges.

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