Fuse Ignite

A $10M Fund Empowering Real World & DeFi
Builders to Drive Business Adoption of  Web3 Payments. 

What is an Operator?
Fuse Network enables operators to power payment services, facilitating real-world transactions using blockchain. Operators include integrators, financial institutions, apps, retailers, and more.

How it Works

Step 01

Apply to the relevant program by completing the application form. 

Step 02

Our team will review your application and reach out with any questions.

Step 03

DeFi liquidity incentives are provided in Fuse Tokens.

Step 04

Operator grants are provided in Fuse & USDC depending on requirements.

Accelerating Business Expansion


Grants program for innovative real-world projects that leverage Web3 payments for mainstream business adoption. Apply for grants of between $5,000 and $25,000 specifically for real-world builders.

Fostering a Sustainable Network

DeFi Projects

Liquidity program for DeFi projects launching on Fuse. Apply for on chain incentives to support your DeFi project's growth and expansion.

Defi Projects
Supporting Mainstream Web3 Adoption
Igniting Innovation

Supporting Mainstream Web3 Adoption

As part of our ongoing mission to bring Web3 payments to mainstream business adoption, we are dedicated to supporting both real world and DeFi projects.

A thriving financial ecosystem on Fuse provides the support needed for businesses to play an empowering role in the ongoing paradigm shift in the world of money.

  • Financial support to kickstart your project. 
  • Technical assistance and resources from our team of experts.
  • Increased exposure and visibility within the Fuse ecosystem.
  • Potential partnerships and collaborations with other projects and businesses in the ecosystem.
  • Be part of an ecosystem focused on practical and sustainable applications of Web3.
Future Airdrops

Rewarding the Community with $FUSE Airdrops

We're not only dedicated to supporting project builders, but also to giving back to our vibrant and growing community of users.

The Fuse Airdrop Program is designed to reward active users on our platform and encourage wider participation in the Fuse ecosystem: 

  • Periodically, Fuse will announce upcoming airdrops for active users on the platform.
  • To be eligible for an airdrop, users must meet certain criteria, such as holding and staking a minimum balance of Fuse tokens, providing liquidity for supported projects, bridging assets and transacting regularly. 
Rewarding the Community with $FUSE Airdrops