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Fuse Ignite

A $10M Fund Empowering Real World & DeFi Builders to Drive Business Adoption of  Web3 Payments. 

Check Requirements


Make sure you have read and understood our scope and criteria below

First scope and criteria of application


All submissions are carefully reviewed by the Fuse team. We may not respond during the evaluation of small grant applications.

Second scope and criteria of application


Expect a final decision within two weeks after submitting your application, unless we reach out for clarification.

Third scope and criteria of application


Sign, fund – let's get to work!

Fourth scope and criteria of application


Share the results of your grant in a compelling report, blog post, or video.


Fuse grants support projects aligned with our mission and scope. We welcome all contributors, regardless of background, age, or experience, as long as they fit within our guidelines.

To be considered for a grant, ensure your project proposal meets our criteria.


Show us how your proposal benefits the broader Fuse community.

Ability to Execute

Show us the team possess the skills and determination to make it happen.

Unique Contribution

Collaboration is welcomed. Innovate and explore the uncharted.

Precise Use of Funds

Request with clarity and purpose. Show how the funding will drive your goals. Be mindful of the amount you seek.

Project Types

We support impactful projects that benefit our community and ecosystem. Examples include (not limited to):

Multichain & Interoperability
Applications & Onboarding to Web3
Web3 Infrastructure
Open & Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Privacy & Identity
Data & Oracles
NFT & Metaverse
Social Impact

Grants are not

NFT Marketing Budgets

We embrace Fuse NFT ecosystem growth, but grants aren't for solo drops. Prioritize projects with utility and wide distribution.

Substitutes for VC Funding

Grants are not a quick fix for funding. They exist to boost projects that add value to the Fuse ecosystem.

Free Money

We ardently believe in the power of open-source, decentralized blockchain tech, especially the Fuse Network. We support those genuinely excited about its potential. No abuse, please.

To Consider

When evaluating your application, we look for much more than just an explanation of the proposed work. Tell us concretely how you plan to achieve your goals.

Be thorough: We expect you to have made a meaningful effort to validate and refine your approach, researched what other solutions are being developed, and be able to articulate how yours is different.

Dig Deeper: Identify the problem's essence, highlight its significance, showcase the positive impact on Fuse, and align it with our mission.

Think broader: how does your project connect to, complement, and enable the work of others?

Be realistic: We'll consider the funding amount you request concerning the proposed scope of work, so go with a number that reflects what you think you'll need for the specific work in your proposal.

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