Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2

Fuse Network

Blockchain Ecosystem for Web3 Payments

A high barrier of entry for businesses accessing digital payments is restricting global trade and innovation. However, companies can now provide payment services for their customers and enable the exchange of goods and services using the blockchain.

There are hundreds of apps and services in the Fuse ecosystem providing community and business focussed Web3 payment solutions with more than 100 million transactions completed. Nonetheless, most consumers will not use the blockchain for payments directly, as crypto-natives do now.

Instead, businesses will build applications to make the experience of Web3 payments and other financial transactions close to what users are used to. These can run on the blockchain but will not force users to handle private keys or pay transaction fees.

For Users

Financial products and services

The Fuse Wallet lets users store and use digital assets in a non-custodial wallet. Get up and running using white label templates or integrate our SDK to your existing mobile product.

Mobile wallets




P2P payments

B2B payments


For Operators

Non-custodial middleware

Integrate complete payment functionalities directly into your apps with the Charge SDKs or access Charge products through easy to use APIs.


Payment processors

E-money providers

Web3 startups


Local economies

Credit circles

For Network Participants

High throughput public blockchain

A decentralized EVM-compatible public blockchain that powers the Fuse ecosystem of dApps and services with its native token FUSE.


Power validators

Node as a service

Cloud providers

On/Off ramps

Web3 protocols

Powered by Fuse tokens

FUSE is the native currency of the Fuse Network, just like ETH on Ethereum.

Transaction Fees

Fees are denominated and paid in FUSE


Upto 14% APY with on-chain staking

Security & Consensus

Delegated proof-of-stake. 5% yearly inflation.


Proportional, stake-based voting.

Liquid Staking

Liquid staking with SFUSE and Voltage Finance


FUSE is on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon

Explore Fuse

GitHub Docs

Fork our fully open-source wallet stack, create a wallet, and start accepting Web3 payments.

White Paper

What problem is Fuse Network solving and how are we going about it.


The 2023 Technical Roadmap lays out the infrastructure to achieve our goals.