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Connecting local businesses & brands to Web 3

Gabriel Saunyama
Working with Fuse meant we could access the Web3 solutions we needed off the shelf and take our ideas to market very quickly. The Wallet SDK is a perfect solution for businesses that want to embrace Web3, while fast and low-cost transactions make it suitable for everyday payments.
Leon Rossiter, CEO & CO-Founder, Peepl

What is Peepl?

The Peepl network is a groundbreaking platform designed to create and retain value within local communities. With Peepl, businesses can say goodbye to hefty fees and unfair practices and say hello to a vibrant local economy.

What separates Peepl is its robust ecosystem that rewards local spending and encourages collaboration among local businesses. Through an innovative approach, businesses can leverage the network to attract and retain users while customers enjoy exclusive perks and incentives for supporting their local favorites. It's a win-win situation that strengthens community bonds and drives economic growth.

Powered by open-source Fuse technology and smart contracts, the Peepl network offers unparalleled flexibility and creativity. Stakeholders can experiment with unique ways of distributing rewards, igniting a wave of economic activity and opening doors to exciting opportunities.

The company secured support from the Combined Authority of the Liverpool City Region, which announced a £700,000 investment in the project and its ecosystem. More recently, the former Mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson, joined the team as a key advisor.

"I am thrilled to join Peepl and contribute to their mission of transforming commerce and empowering local economies. By leveraging blockchain technology and fostering collaboration among socially trading organizations, we have an incredible opportunity to create sustainable, inclusive, and thriving communities.”
Joanne Anderson, Peepl Key Advisor & former Mayor of Liverpool

How Peepl uses Fuse

Peepl built a platform on top of Fuse that allows the creation of Peepl-native apps that enable partner restaurants and businesses to interact with their customers. Using the Fuse Wallet SDK, Peepl’s partners can build their apps on top of the platform or use Peepl’s payments and rewards functionalities in their existing apps.

Additionally, the Peepl team conceived and integrated the GBPx stablecoin as one of the methods of payment. As a participant in the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority’s Sandbox program, Peepl is working to implement crypto payments promptly from the get-go.

Peepl’s utility token, PPL, is issued on the Fuse blockchain and will be used to reward customers for purchases made within the Peepl ecosystem. They return 5–10% of the order value in PPL tokens to their wallets.

At the initial stage, PPL’s price will be fixed until 2025, and it will only be used for payment for repeat purchases and services within the Peepl ecosystem. This will ensure the token remains in circulation within the local economies it supports and help promote customer retention.

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The Guide, Liverpool

Building a reputation as the largest media company in Liverpool, The Guide has successfully leveraged the Fuse tech stack and wallet SDK in its operations.

The media company partnered with Peepl to create a unique app that elevates the user experience, providing an enhanced platform for reading articles and facilitating more targeted notifications to their readers.

The app is designed to offer a reward-based system, allowing its users to earn PPL tokens. This system is initiated when readers watch videos, rewarding them with tokens when they complete the entire viewing.

These tokens can then be spent within the Peepl Marketplace embedded in the app, allowing readers to purchase local art and participate in local activities.

This encourages audience engagement and provides an opportunity for The Guide Liverpool to boost awareness of their various campaigns and promotional events in the city.

Helping businesses embrace Web3

Since its inception, The Guide Liverpool has registered substantial success, having amassed over 2000 downloads.

The app boasts many weekly and monthly active users, signifying its sustained appeal. Most users continue to use the app after their initial interaction, underscoring its engaging features and seamless usability.

A crucial aspect of this app is the monetary transactions within the Peepl marketplace, facilitated by the Peepl stablecoin, GBPx.

Users use this digital currency to purchase marketplace products. It's also the medium through which they receive their PPL rewards via the Fuse blockchain.

This innovative integration of the Fuse Network tech stack and wallet SDK into the media space, as demonstrated by The Guide Liverpool and Peepl, is a testament to the transformative potential of such technology in creating more engaging and user-friendly experiences.

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Transforming everyday payments

The community focussed Peepl network aims to automate affiliate revenue models and reduce sales and marketing costs for local businesses.

Since its launch, Peepl has expanded to become a SaaS business, or as we call them, at Fuse, an Operator. It successfully extends merchants and small businesses with Web3 payment solutions, blockchain infrastructure, and services on Fuse.

Peepl is at the forefront of Web3 innovation, leveraging Fuse technology to transform payments and rewards systems for businesses across the UK.

Circular economies are vital for creating a sustainable future, and Peepl's cutting-edge platform allows for the seamless integration of circular practices into economic transactions.

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