Simplifying Web3 Payments with AA: Unveiling the FuseBox & Console

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Fuse provides the infrastructure that makes Bitazza’s Freedom Wallet a contender to change how people interact with cryptocurrency.

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As the builder of Freedom products and the Freedom Ecosystem; collective Web3 ready-to-use products interconnected with the Bitazza trading platform, it is crucial for us to grow together with a blockchain partner aligned with our vision in making solutions accessible to those who need them the most.

Kevin Heng, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Bitazza.

Working side-by-side with the FUSE chain, we have been able to manage our product expansion at a competitive pace

Kevin Heng, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Bitazza.

End results

The collaboration with Fuse means Bitazza can offer businesses in Southeast Asia a way to customize and brand a wallet and adopt fast, low-cost crypto payments for their needs. As a result, they may position themselves as leaders or innovators in their respective markets. An excellent example is at festivals, where organizers can run the entire festival built around a token.

Mystic Valley Festival in Thailand utilized the freedom wallet by issuing a token, which festival-goers can use to purchase goods while there. Transactions are fast and cheap; attendees can use their token balance to buy drinks, send funds to friends, and purchase merchandise.

If Bitazza’s partners are anything to go by, the music and nightlife industries are leading the way in Southeast Asia. For example, Mustache Bangkok and Epic Entertainment use blockchain to make their parties, events, and shows more immersive.

Partygoers download their app, load their balance, and party on the blockchain. Not only is this convenient and fun, but it helps to build a loyal and easily accessible community.

In addition, businesses working with Bitazza praise the Freedom Wallet for its ease of use, zero technical setups (uses a mobile device), and ability to cut costs and increase revenue.

It's been a great experience working with the Freedom Wallet solution for EPIC Entertainment events. Payment activities at the events were smooth, seamless, convenient, and cost-effective. These are all the things event organizers highly value.

Andy, EPIC Entertainment

You don’t just go to Mustache to a party or BKK Cafe and Sports Bar to watch a game. Now, you can be part of a community, spend their tokens, and earn rewards.

For businesses, It can help customer retention by gamifying the experience of using your services. For example, you could add push notifications to stay in touch with customers and offer tickets or online packages that customers can buy without going through costly third parties.

The Freedom Wallet allows small businesses to up their game and capture more online loyalty, which will be a critical metric in a fast digital and mobile world. From beauty salons to coffee shops, business owners and entrepreneurs now have access to technology and experiences once reserved for companies and organizations with the deepest pockets.

Working with Fuse and creating the Freedom Wallet has enabled Bitazza to let anyone create an ecosystem. To date, thousands of wallets have been created by end users, with more than 100 thousand transactions completed for under $0.01 on Fuse Network.

From communities based around NFTs to protocols running economies, blockchain demonstrates an excellent tool. Bitazza is bringing this into real-life experiences, businesses, and events - helped by Fuse technology.

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