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Gasless NFT minting and transfers with Artrific

The Fuse Network is an optimal platform for minting and transacting with NFTs, boasting low fees among EVM-compatible blockchains.

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Gabriel Saunyama
Working with Fuse enabled us to build a fully digital collectible marketplace with extremely low minting fees and a native non-custodial wallet to enable purchases, sales, and transfers.
Lawson Thai, CEO at Fiberblock

Meet Artrific

Fiberblock, a Vietnam-based Web 3 development and investment company, launched Artrific, a general-purpose NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace on the Fuse Network. The partnership with Fiberblock has resulted in an NFT-minting platform similar to major established marketplaces like OpenSea and Looksrare.

Moreover, Artrific is a playground for businesses that want to experiment with NFTs for loyalty and customer retention and a place for NFT enthusiasts to buy, trade, and sell digital collectibles.

Artrific supports a range of ERC-721-compatible NFTs, offering features like minting, bidding, auctioning, and tracking popular and best-selling NFTs. The marketplace has already seen trading activity, and the Fuse team anticipates it will help attract significant NFT activity and foster a dynamic ecosystem.

The platform supports various digital assets and provides an easy-to-use NFT minting process. It is set up for expansion with categorized markets in art, trading cards, music, sports, domain names, and more.

“NFTs are so much more than collections of avatars! While those may of served to onboard millions of new users into the Web3 space, they only demonstrate a fraction of the power held by digital collectibles to revolutionize businesses previously unable to experiment in the digital world due to cost barriers.”
Pete Ho, Co-Founder, Head of Business and Investment at FiberBlock

How Fuse Technology Powers Artrific

The NFT industry has seen a significant rise in diverse applications, from representing digital artwork, rare in-game items, and real estate to verifying the authenticity of valuable physical objects.

However, challenges include the high computational costs of minting and transferring NFTs and the complexity of interacting with various NFT platforms for non-specialist users.

The Fuse Network is an optimal platform for minting and transacting with NFTs, boasting low fees among EVM-compatible blockchains. It also features user-friendly mobile tools, potentially expanding accessibility to a broader range of people.

Several NFT projects have launched on Fuse through Artrific, while ecosystem partners Bitazza, Voltage and GoodDollar integrated Artrific into their user wallets - allowing them to interact with the NFT marketplace directly and experiment, at low cost with NFTs for loyalty and rewards.

Chromepay Banking

Bring NFTs directly to your customers

The Artrific NFT marketplace platform lets users transact in three currencies (FUSE, BTZ & G$), all native to the Fuse ecosystem, helping to broaden its reach amongst ecosystem partners.

Additionally, Artrific is a low-cost hub for projects from other categories in the Fuse ecosystem, such as DeFi apps that want to launch collections or experiment with utility collectibles without investing thousands of dollars.

Significant brands are experimenting and testing NFTs as businesses and merchants look to transition into the emerging digital economy.

However, minting NFTs on a network like Ethereum, for example, can be very costly for users, where gas fees fluctuate wildly.

This is where Artrific holds a competitive advantage, as at this nascent stage of the NFT life cycle, it's essential to offer end users a low-cost option with a UI as close to Web2 as possible.

Low Cost or Free NFT minting

The cost of minting a single NFT and listing it for sale on the Artrific platform is less than $0.10, meaning a collection of 10,000 would cost approximately $1000 to mint and list—that's for NFT creators, admirers, and collectors.

More powerful is that ecosystem partners can integrate Artrific into their service so users don’t need to leave their wallets to interact with the NFT marketplace.

This offers merchants and businesses utilizing a Web3 wallet a cost-effective way to experiment with NFTs for customer loyalty or rewards.

Businesses can cover the already low gas costs for users and give them a smooth, Web2-esque user experience. Greatly reducing friction and increasing customer retention.

Chromepay uses fuse
Chromepay Africa's Gateway To Digital Financial Services

Encourage Deeper Customer Involvement

Unlike the Web2 era, where consumer participation is limited to likes, comments, and shares, Web3 and NFTs offer mechanisms to incentivize customer engagement and loyalty.

Such ideas can be seen through Artrific partnering with Universal Basic Income (UBI) provider GoodDollar. NFT creators can list their digital artwork on Artrific for sale in G$, GoodDollar's native token.

Likewise., users of the Voltage app can access Artrific using their Volt wallet and make purchases using VOLT.

Additionally, those utilizing the Bitazza Freedom Wallet app built on Fuse can expand their usage of its native token BTZ and use it to exchange for Freedom NFTs by simply connecting a Freedom World account with Artrific.

The seamless integration of Artrific with other Fuse Ecosystem partners means they can extend NFT services for loyalty and rewards without needing to do the heavy lifting. Moreover, Artrific’s partners have the option to sponsor user gas fees meaning that end users enjoy gasless minting and NFT transfers.

Fuse Helps Businesses Grow

Artrific uses Fuse’s infrastructure for:

NFT Minting and Distribution
Lighting fast transfers and low-cost gas fees make Artrific a great choice for digital artists and businesses.

User Retention and Engagement
Creating an easy and cheap payment solution that attracts real-life and online businesses to use Artrific.

Customer Acquisition
Appealing to new users seeking an easy-to-use entry point into the world of NFTs.

Consumer Loyalty
Generating a Web3 tokenized loyalty club that offers businesses interoperability and adds user value.

Chromepay uses fuse

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