Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2

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Web3 Sneaker Marketplace ZNEAKRZ

Revolutionizing Sneaker Commerce

"Fuse delivered indispensable solutions, accelerating our iteration and testing. Their wallet SDK seamlessly integrated with our needs, featuring crucial elements like gasless transactions and social account recovery, crucial for swift onboarding—making them our ideal partner in this journey."

Jeff Lawy


Meet the Team Behind ZNEAKRZ

Fuse Meets ZNEAKRZ w/ Co-founders Jeff Lawy & Edwin Vasquez

ZNEAKRZ App Walkthrough

Download, create a wallet and start trading sneakers!

Explore the ZNEAKRZ App with our interactive walkthrough! From exclusive releases to personalized preferences, discover everything you need for an unparalleled sneaker experience. Dive in and unlock the world of ZNEAKRZ!