Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2

Account Abstraction

Simplifying Blockchain Complexity for Businesses

Make blockchain accessible to all with our Account Abstraction Infrastructure.

Enhanced flexibility for developers

Create more complex transactions, smart contract interactivity, and novel wallet designs.

Reduce end-user complexity

More intuitive user interfaces, gasless transactions, and fewer types of accounts to manage.

Account Abstraction SDK

Simplify Account Abstraction development using the Fuse Account Abstraction SDK.

Benefits of Account Abstraction

User-Friendly Interfaces

Developers can create interfaces that welcome new users by offering a more intuitive environment. This promotes the broader adoption of blockchain by making it less intimidating and user-friendly.

Seamless Onboarding

By allowing external parties to sponsor transaction costs, Account Abstraction reduces barriers for new users entering the blockchain space.

Simplified Asset Management

Account Abstraction introduces flexibility in managing digital assets on a blockchain network. This benefits not only individuals but also institutions.

Improved Security

Account Abstraction contributes to increased security through various enhancements. The technology can lead to more secure transactions and interactions within the Fuse blockchain network.

Enhanced Developer Flexibility

Developers can leverage Account Abstraction to build more capable and secure applications that were not achievable with traditional transaction methods.

Create New Use Cases

Account Abstraction paves the way for new applications and use cases with digital assets. Create user-centric payment systems that abstract the complexity of transaction fees and offer seamless payment experiences.

For Developers

How Account Abstraction Works

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

The Fuse Blockchain empowers entrepreneurs and organizations to build, experiment, and scale Web3 applications while integrating crypto payments.


Fuse Network is fully compatible with Ethereum, allowing smart contracts deployed on Ethereum to run on the Fuse Network.

Consensus Mechanism

The Fuse Network employs a variant of delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) for achieving consensus. This mechanism involves participants (Power Validators) staking tokens to validate transactions and secure the network.

Smart Wallets

Fuse offers the Fuse SDK, simplifying the creation, management, and interaction with Fuse Smart Wallets in applications. These wallets provide enhanced security and usability for users.

Power Validators (PVs)

The network introduces Power Validators, providing additional services like transaction relaying, data feeds, bridges, and user data storage. They contribute to the network's functionality and user experience.

User-Centric Architecture

Users and merchants are represented by smart contract wallets on the network, providing advantages in terms of usability and interaction with blockchain-based financial applications.

Fast & Low-Cost

The Fuse Network is designed for fast block confirmation times. The average block interval is around 5 seconds, ensuring quick transaction processing. Currently, it costs less than 1 cent to confirm a transaction.

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