Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2

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Your DeFi hub on the Fuse Blockchain


Voltage was the first decentralized finance platform created on the Fuse Network blockchain. It gives anyone access to a robust suite of DeFi tools from an all-in-one mobile application accessible on any smart device. With a solid focus on reducing friction for non-experienced users, the Volt app provides a seamless DeFi experience on mobile. Non-custodial and without fees, the Volt app is the best way to interact with DeFi for beginners. 

Voltage offers users a DEX for swapping tokens or providing liquidity. It also features a multichain bridge that connects the Fuse Network blockchain to other significant chains. In addition, liquidity providers can deposit their LP tokens to the yield farming program if available for their pool and be eligible for a share of rewards.