Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2

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Utila’s platform is designed for financial institutions and technology companies managing digital assets.

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Utila is an enterprise-grade crypto operations platform that provides non-custodial, secure, and chain-agnostic wallet infrastructure for managing an organization’s crypto strategy. The platform is designed to be used by developers and organizations, with powerful APIs allowing developers to build digital wallet solutions unique to their needs. 

The platform is highly configurable, with easy integrations to risk and compliance, accounting, and auditing tools. Utila’s MPC technology and customizable policy engine mean you own your keys, assets, and processes. 

Utila’s platform is designed to participate in the entire crypto ecosystem by connecting with exchanges, DEXs, trading venues, liquidity pools, Web3 apps, and staking services. It is also compliance-focused, allowing you to set governing rules and seamlessly integrate with AML, KYC, CFT, and KYT apps, on-chain forensics, and robust reporting.

Developers and businesses can now harness the power of Web3, transact, and interact with DeFi on the Fuse Network, all through the Utila platform. This partnership paves the way for quick and cost-effective solutions, eliminating the need for extensive development expenditures.