Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2


On-board users compliantly with Tweed self-custodial wallets on Fuse.



As an Operator in the Fuse ecosystem, Tweed extends its Web3 wallet functionality to businesses and merchants that want to embrace Web3 features. Developers can embed Tweed-powered wallet creation into their current app and offer transactions and loyalty systems on Fuse Network, benefitting from lightning-fast, global transactions alongside ultra-low fees. 

Tweed’s wallet-as-a-service is entirely white-label, enabling developers to keep their brand front and center and own their UI/UX. With Tweed's wallet-as-a-service, the platform can open up wallets for users seamlessly and control which features are exposed to the user, providing their own UI and user flows and building open or closed environments for their users.

Tweed provides the infrastructure layer bridging blockchain and mainstream users through robust technology and a low-code SDK. The Tweed SDK is a one-stop shop for platforms building on Web3, letting developers and businesses focus on creating unique and exciting experiences on the Fuse Network.

Tweed also offers a user-friendly NFT Checkout solution to simplify the NFT buying and selling process. Buyers can use their debit or credit card to purchase NFTs without needing a Web3 wallet or cryptocurrency. They also don't need to worry about configuring the blockchain on which the NFT is built. In these ways, Tweed’s NFT checkout allows platforms to sell digital collectible items in a way that masks the complexity of blockchain technology from the purchaser.