Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2

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Account Abstraction


Onboard billions to your Web3 app using social logins, DIDs, embedded wallets, and UX-focused SDKs.


Tria SDK provides a comprehensive set of tools and infrastructure for decentralized applications, enabling a Web2-like, user-friendly experience. Tria creates - interconnected economies amongst partner dapps for easy user acquisition and dapp partnerships.

Tria offers social and mobile-based dApp onboarding, embedded wallets, inter-community decentralized identities, and account abstraction functionalities, including gasless transactions, transaction batching, and programmable transactions.

Experience the pinnacle of personalized, user-focused product journeys built with Tria's exclusive SDKs. Elevate beyond social onboarding, smart accounts, and programmable TXs. 

Supported major blockchains, devices, and stacks – preserving true decentralization. Tria is trusted by Polygon, Litecoin, Fuse, and 50+ major players in Web3. Onboarding select clients only.