Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2

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OpenName operates across multiple public chains, including Fuse, offering a true multi-chain domain name system.


In the Web3 era, domain names are pivotal in navigating the decentralized internet powered by blockchain technology. OpenName, with its multi-chain functionality, operates across various public chains, including Fuse, establishing a robust and unified domain name system.

OpenName introduces a unique approach to domain services by offering a low-cost, high-quality solution with affordable pricing structures. The platform allows users to create a personalized domain ecosystem, promoting individual creativity by eliminating hierarchical restrictions. This freedom empowers users to craft independent Web3 domain names without consent, ensuring a truly personalized online identity.

Decentralization is a core principle of OpenName, operating securely on multiple chains. The Primary Name Setting feature enhances user experience, enabling mapping a blockchain address to an OpenName domain and creating a distinctive username visible in supported Web3 applications.

OpenName goes beyond domain registration, offering flexible management options. Users can easily renew any domain or Top-Level Domain (TLD) they own and facilitate transfers by modifying the domain name holder. The platform allows users to customize their Web3 experience by adjusting chain information or canceling the main name setting at any time.

Say goodbye to cumbersome wallet addresses and embrace simplicity with OpenName on Fuse.