Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2


One of the most popular digital asset management platforms in Southeast Asia



Bitazza’s Freedom Wallet is a mobile wallet running on Fuse built on Charge’s APIs and clearly shows the Fuse platform’s power. Freedom Wallet is a loyalty-driven Web3 wallet that provides businesses and communities simplified access to blockchain technology.

A single entry point to a loyalty network enables businesses to supercharge their loyalty strategy, accommodate end-users to use their loyalty points, and improve retention. In addition, the platform allows users to efficiently manage multiple membership programs in one app with transparency, a ready-to-use solution, and an enhanced experience. Complimenting all this is the Freedom Card. A competitor to platforms such as Crypto.com or Plutus, the card is powered by Visa and lets users top up with fiat or crypto balances and spend in the real world. Alongside a raft of benefits and perks available to holders, cardholders can stake an amount of crypto and be eligible for up to 9% cashback.