Fuse announced plans to migrate to a zkEVM Layer 2

Avocado Wallet

Avocado simplifies Web3 interactions, making it easier and safer for users to engage with Web3 applications.



The Avocado Wallet is a pioneering Decentralized Wallet designed to simplify the user experience in the multi-chain DeFi landscape. What sets Avocado Wallet apart is its unique architecture as a 'Smart Contract Wallet.' Each user wallet is a smart contract deployed across multiple blockchain networks, all with the same address, ensuring high levels of security and transparency. 

Developed by the team behind Instadapp, a renowned player in the DeFi space with a strong track record, Avocado Wallet emphasizes security and control. Users retain complete control of their funds, with the "Not our keys, not our money" principle at its core. Avocado integrated the Fuse blockchain and FUSE token to enable seamless interaction, swaps, and bridging of FUSE assets with other supported chains.

Avocado Wallet