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4 Years of Fuse Network

Welcome to Fuse Network's fourth-anniversary celebrations! We are thrilled to have you join us in commemorating four fantastic years of growth, innovation, and community building.

As we mark this milestone, we want to thank all our supporters, partners, and users who have been instrumental in making Fuse Network successful.

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24 Days of Opportunities to Earn!

Learn & Earn

The first 100 to complete the quiz correctly will share a pool of 44,444 FUSE. The next 100 share 20,000 FUSE.

Timeline: 9th to 13th August

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Download Volt Mobile App & Get 50 FUSE

50 FUSE tokens to the first 400 verified users!

Timeline: 14th to 19th August

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4x APY on $FUSE Staking

The first 44 people to stake over 4,444 FUSE for 1 month will receive 4x APY. The next 44 get 2x and the next 100 will share a pool of 4,444 FUSE.

Timeline: 20th to 25th August

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Mint a POAP & Win Fuse Swag!

Mint 1 of 100 exclusive fourth birthday POAPS. Minting 1 POAP enters you to a swag prize draw.

Timeline: 25th to 29th August

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YouMEME Competiton

Create a funny meme about Fuse. Three winners will share a pool of 3.5k FUSE
🥇 2k FUSE 🥈 1k FUSE 🥉 500 FUSE

Timeline: 27th August to 1st September

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Share, Celebrate & Win

Copy the message below and post it to enter the SWAG prize draw. We will also share and highlight your message to our community!


HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY to @Fuse_network!!!

📯 #fuseturns4 🤩

fuse.io/fuseturnsfour 🫶